Jazz singer/composer/arranger/coach – Atsushi Kumagai, who is certified as one of the official vocal instructor’s members in 2015 by

 He grew up in Sendai city, Japan in a musical environment, where his mother was playing and teaching the piano.
When he was 10 years old, he had one singing exam in the music class. He felt very free in my throat and his body sensation during singing. After he performed the song, He felt an underlying passion in his heart and felt free. He got a lot of praise from audience.

After graduating from high school, he studied architecture at the University. While attending, he came across one amateur concert at Blue Note Tokyo through a friend of himself and when he watched their performing, he was extremely impressed by the energy of the music. So he put his sights on music. He began to study music in AN music school in Tokyo and he had performed at Blue Note, B-flat and many musical venues in Tokyo as an a cappella chorus group, as his own band and when he was joining a professional band group. After several years, he went back to his hometown to learn jazz skill from his cousin, who is a jazz pianist performing some jazz venues in Sendai City and other areas. At that point, he decided to go over to US to improve his music skill.

 Since he started to stay in US, he’s learned Jazz, Blues, Latin, Bossa Nova and other genres from Matt Falker, John Proulx, Tak Iwasaki, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Chris Lee (pianist), Randy Gloss (percussionist) and so forth. He’s performed at The Japan Festival in San Diego in 2015, at Carnegie Hall and at The The Park Avenue Synagogue in NYC as a Gospel Choir member in 2019.

Since 2018, he moved to New York City to expand his musical aspects more with teaching some students in Los Angeles and Japan, and recently he just started to make new recordings for his CD album.

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