Atsushi Kumagai – Singer, Composer, Arranger, Certified Vocal/English pronunciation Coach

“I have full confidence that he will continue to be a tremendous asset to the music industry.” John Proulx

“He is primed to make a significant contribution to the art form and the arts community.”Steve Wilson

“His original compositions and arrangements are the highest quality, and his improvisation has been appreciated by many artists.” Carolyn Leonheart

He grew up in Sendai city, Japan in a musical environment, where his mother was playing and teaching the piano.

He began to study at a private music school in Tokyo and he has performed at Blue Note Tokyo, B-flat Akasaka and many music venues in Tokyo as his own band and as a cappella chorus group for a while. After several years, he went back to his hometown to learn jazz music from his cousin, who is a fine jazz pianist performing and teaching around Tohoku area. At that point, he decided to stay in the US to get jazz singing under his belt.

Since he began to stay in US, he’s learned Jazz, Blues, Latin, Bossa Nova and other genres from some different kinds of musicians, not only jazz vocalists. He has the performance experiences of at Carnegie Hall, The Park Avenue Synagogue, Mezzrow and Bar Next Door in NYC, and at The SD Japan Fair in San Diego, OC Fair in Costa Mesa, Los Angeles and many others.

Since he moved to New York City to expand his musical aspects more with teaching students at music schools and privately. His first album, “8.5” was released in 2021.

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