I’m offering lessons for those who would like to improve/develop your entire singing techniques along with the ways you wish.
If you’re interested, please check the lesson detail below. I’m offering online lesson as well. Please reach out to me about all the details and if you have questions from contact page. 

Teaching pic② on 3:11:16

The vocal methods that I’m teaching was developed in NYC and is attracting attention from a lot of alumni/faculties of Berklee College of Music and the other famous universities, colleges and conservatories in all of the world. This one is what originally derived from Alexander Technique™, Feldenkrais Method™, Swedish massage, Rolfing™, Bioenergetics™, Therapeutic Touch™, shiatsu, acupuncture and is also closely related to “Bel Canto”, which is one of the best vocal technique methods.
This one can be applicable to all of music styles and any ages. Please refer to this link more detailed if you would like to know more.

Since 2019, I’ve incorporated the other type of technique, which is even greater than what described the above. This new method definitely makes your voice very free/resonate.

Finally, my ideas about vocal techniques and singing are to find the best flexible/workable way towards individuals’ voice. Usually vocal coaches have some specific stylized ways already and just tend to teach us along with them. But I never do this way, I always find out each individual’s weaknesses first and improve/develop.

1. Check Your Singing Backgrounds & Vocal State
– What is the type of your singing style? How have you learned so far?
– Try to find out your vocal weakness with some simple scales
– (Explain the concept of the ideal voice)

2. Vocal Exercise
– What is the difference between chest, head, falsetto and belting (and more…) voice
– Understand each type of phonation (gradually)
– Work on those phonation patterns with scales

3. Singing Technics
– Work on the tune(s) that you would like to
– Modify from the parts where can improve

4. Others 
– Work on music theory, rhythm training, basic piano techniques and so forth, if needed.
– Recordings : Depends on the individual’s request (Ask this detail)

Online Lesson
I also do online lessons.(Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and any works!)
– Just make sure your internet connection and works well, otherwise we might not do precisely.
– Even if the connection is not good for you, I cannot take the responsibility for it. (e.g. Refund and reschedule for the lesson) . Please keep it in mind.